Just a quick note to ask you to volunteer this weekend if possible for the Great Band Factory Clearing up! It coincides this year with the clearing up and preparation for the Beer Festival


The Beer festival is the single biggest contributor to band funds and helping to maintain the facilities at the Band factory. Last year's donations from the Beer festival will be paying for repairs to the roof that will commence the week after next. You may have notices new security measures and locks. other not so noticeable things include the new office. The old office ceiling will also be repaired!


We will also be looking at increasing the toilet facilities, improving sound proofing and installing a kitchen which in turn will help us attract new users of the Band Factory - and so the cycle continues.


The Clear Out Weekend will include the following jobs:

  • Gardening - or removing the Buddleia which has grown up in the parking spaces. These spaces are rented out to the garage opposite (more funds!) and they are struggling to get part the plants!
  • Clearing out the instrument storage upstairs and building new racking etc for moving all of our original music to store. This means we can move the instrument storage downstairs which is much more accessible
  • Assess repairs required for those intruments
  • general cleaning up of the rooms
  • Moving the percussion in the main room, building the stage and putting the instruments back
  • Finding homes for random things (such a the polystyrene cups!)
  • Assessing building a ramp to enable disabled access (we have an orchestra starting at the weekends with some disabled players and access is very difficult)
  • Any other DIY jobs that need doing which will be uncovered once we start!

The Beer Festival crew will also be prepping for the Beer Festival which is the following weekend. I am sure they will welcome any additional help!


None of us really want to give up a weekend to do these jobs (I definitely don't - I have enough problems at home!) but this is OUR Band room and we really welcome your help.


There will be refreshments on offer so please, even if you can only make it for an hour - WE WANT YOU!!


See you there!